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A Homemade Trellis

I didn’t have a bean trellis, so I went looking for DIY ideas and came up with this:

(in the garden, ttv photo)

All you need is scissors, twine, 3 bamboo (or other) poles…

(365 Day 112 Photo)

and some grapevine or other bendable branches. I had a little bit of grapevine from recently pruning, so I just braided the pieces together.

We stuck the poles in the pot and tied them together at the top. Then we wound the braided vine around the bamboo, tying it to the poles here and there to hold it’s spiral shape.

The twine, itself can be used as a support, like I did below.

So, there you have it, a way to get crafty with stuff you may already have and avoid the garden section at a “super center.”

Check out this rebar trellis.

(homemade trellis, ttv photo)

He’s a good helper.

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