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Everyday Assortment

Some of the more regular moments of my summer captured and dumped here: 
My son and I did our bit to help decorate for Vacation Bible School.  Did you ever go to that as a child?
 day 177

I finished the patio furniture.

day 178
Left for vacation and came home to find a few tomatoes left.

 day 180

I worked into the wee hours while my husband and I watched tv.

day 182
I insisted that if I play pretend I get to do it my way.  My son didn’t think that was so cool.
day 183
I found a new, safer route to walk the little one every night.  Can you tell that he needs to lose a few?
day 185
I made more stuff.
day 186
Sent my son to his first summer camp with a letter for each night.
 day 203
Still making stuff.
day 204, 52ttv week-

My son watered the big one.  

day 208

In case you wonder why I have so many photos of my youngest and so few of my eldest,
it’s because he doesn’t put up a fight.

day 214


day 215
That almost wraps up my summer in pictures.   The rest are here.
Just a few more sunny posts left and then the dreariness of school starting can set in.

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