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Mommies and Grandmommies

This was a good day.

(mother stuff, 365 Day 125 Photo)

Took a 365 of some things I inherited from my mother: this sweater, a macrame bag she made (yes, we had macrame owls perched on twigs too), and my hands, which look a lot like hers.

I know I got more than that from my mother, but often wish I had more of her gentleness.

Had her mother, Grandmommy,and Papaw over to celebrate with us.

This is what I love to do most in the world, just sit and talk and laugh together.

Then, they gave me a card with one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever gotten written inside: that I was one of the most dedicated mothers they’ve ever known.

I just didn’t expect something like that.

I can’t say how high a compliment that is, coming from two parents/ grandparents like them.
I have witnessed their dedication to their children by the way their daughter loved us and how they cared for her when she was sick.
They were there for each of their parents, visiting the nursing home daily, and they were SO there for my brother and me when our mom died.

Of course they’re the truly dedicated ones, but I didn’t want to argue on Mother’s Day : ) Maybe I have more of my mother in me than I thought.

(This is the perspective I saw this sweater from most as a girl, right by her side.)

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