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Buying Handmade

Katie Henry makes me want to sew.  That is really saying something because, other than an occasional button, I’ve only actually sewn one project- my Scallop Clutch.  When I look at Katie’s use of vintage textiles, recycled leather, interesting hardware, and mixing of textures I think for a moment, “I’d like to do that.”   Just for a moment.  Then I shrug and think, “I’d like to support that.” and that is much more realistic.

 Since I’ve been trying to buy handmade things more this year, I thought it was finally time to buy a bag from Made By Hank.  I’ve been haunting her shop for years, mostly finding everything sold out.  I doubt I’ll ever be online at the magic moment when she lists the larger handbags in her shop ( I would have to be quick because they sell out almost instantly.) but I did manage to get this crossbody bag.

 There is so much going on here with the mix of woven wool-blend fabric, denim, leather, and floral appliques from vintage drapes.   Her shop is full of great finds, but this one was very much my kind of thing.

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