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Now Leaving Knitter’s Trance

I’ll be honest.  I just needed a break from making tiny loops with tiny little sticks.  No fingering weight, no sport, NO lace.  I’ve had these skeins of Araucania Liwen for months, waiting for a certain pattern to be released because I like supporting independent designers, but it’s been a while and I’m ready to use the stuff.   So I cast on the same number of stitches as for a size 36″ Oatmeal and modified as I went for the look I wanted.

I’ll be honest again.  I was actually wanting to have Katie Canavan’s shorts off of my needles by now, but I don’t know what size to make.  I’ve finally received treatment for immune system/ food allergy problems and find my body is changing.  If I make them now, they may not fit in a few weeks.  So I’m putting them off a bit longer in the hopes that things will level off and I’ll have a better idea of which size will get the most use.  I’m just being practical; no one wants to work for weeks on beautifully cabled, droopy drawers.

So back to my Liwen sweater.  It’s nice to make something that doesn’t have to be exact.  If it’s baggy, all the better.   In fact, I welcome extra length because I have more than enough of this beautiful thick and thin yarn.
Remember when you were a relatively new knitter and you considered size 17 needles big.   Now I find 8s to be a blessed relief after using 1s, 2s, and 3s for the last six projects.  
(more on my Flickr and Ravelry)

More honesty?  I botched this when almost finished a few days ago and had to rip it back to the collar.   Apparently, I went into Knitter’s Trance and did more increases to the sleeves than necessary.  Ah, Knitter’s Trance… such a lovely place to visit, full of euphoria, nostalgia, and other rhyming words; but I always come back with the weirdest souvenirs.

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your Oatmeal. It's working its way toward the top of my knit list. Your yarn choice is gorgeous!

  2. Thank you, Jennifer. Oatmeal is a very satisfying project. It works up so fast and is a classic sweater shape. You'll enjoy it.

  3. Thank you, Elena. I think it's working because my migraines are less frequent and inflamation is going down. Hope your doing well. You know after you posted about whether or not to upgrade your blog, I thought about it and, though I said I was okay with mine, I've since changed mine to a dot com. Fickleness, thy name is woman.

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