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Purple Kool Aid

I’m a little hesitant to show this very purple hat because, honestly, I think the garish colors mess up an otherwise lovely hat pattern.  But it’s Mid-County Madness week and things be purple in my hometown.  Since I have the Petawawa pattern memorized from making two really beautiful versions, I decided to cast one on as a last minute Band Secret Pal gift in our school colors.  Actually, my son texted me that he forgot he had to have a gift ready for his pal that same night.

For a school colors hat, it’s not bad at all, right?

(on my ravelry)

I think I’ve mentioned our town’s football obsession.  Well, with another child in high school band, I’m getting a full dose of southerners screaming, “Come on D!”  Personally, I love sitting near the band.  It is a real October nostalgia kind of thing for me, especially with my little man taking part on his trombone.  He’s second from the end in the video below.

The night they played Shambala was bliss: it was cool-ish, I love Three Dog Night, and I love band nerds.

Our town and the rival team next door had a chance at the first Bum Phillips Bowl trophy and so the stands were packed.  We squished in where we could because this is not comic con- I’m not showing up three hours early for “good seats” at a high school football game.

However, it was a nail biter, even for me.  I always feel bad for the players when people complain about them in the stands.  When the clock ran out, our running back was three yards away from going into overtime.

Grown men wore grim expressions and the students chunked their empty baby powder bottles onto the other team’s field in frustration as we filed out of the cramped stadium.  All of that powder inhaled for nothing… except thcool thpiwit.  That’s school spirit.

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  1. I like your bright, team-spirity toque! I think it's perfect.

    I can't really understand the American craze about football, but then I think about how we Canadians can be about hockey, and then I shut my mouth. 😀

  2. It is fun, if a bit extreme. Kelly, people actually will their season passes to family members when they die. Texas.

  3. I'm sure it's similar, Heather, though I'm not crazy about any one spectator sport. But, I think I know one mutual obsession we might could compare it to, right?

    Thanks about the hat. It is some serious purple. I hope it made a nice filler for her gift basket. She seems to be outdoing my son's gift each week. I wouldn't be surprised if he came home with twelve dozen purple roses Friday. Sheesh.

  4. I'm not very keen on football but I can understand the spirit for it in your town. Such a festive atmosphere!

  5. Honestly, I'm not keen on it either. I'd rather watch basketball or soccer. But these games are fun just for the crazy enthusiasm. It is all about the atmosphere.

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