Accidental Cantaloupe

This is Garden Magic. I didn’t choose to go the melon route, but it chose me. I’m poking around in the last little bits of summer garden and find something growing where cucumber should’ve (cucumber decided to grow in a different spot altogether.) At first I thought it was a deformed, roundish, late cucumber finally growing where it was intended. Figures. But the next time I checked it was even rounder and had cantaloupe skin.
Is God trying to tell me something? I couldn’t get a lot of my planned, sown, and tended desires to grow, but find an unexpected blessing thriving in the middle of a couple of crummy dead corn stalks and stunted bush beans, without any care from me. There are several of them hidden on the vine that grew in when I was focused on school starting. The last pic is of one that is melding with the fence. I swear that last cantaloupe is making faces at me through the fence.

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