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One for Me

I had to squeeze in one more for myself.  I guess I’ve being influenced by the world around me, but I’m in love with pinks, mauves, and purples these days.  My mom was a big fan of mauve when I was a girl.  

When I saw this Spanish Roof colorway from Gynx Yarns, I had to have it for a hat.  I finished my first of these in two days, so it was only natural to cast on another for myself.  I think I need a sweater to match.  Maybe an Oshima or a Palladio?

(on ravelry, kollabora, and flickr)

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  1. That's a lovely color! I'm all about purple this year. No idea why, but at least I'll have some matching garments 🙂

  2. Oh yes, my mother was big on mauve! I love that I'm seeing it so much now. This hat and my mauve nail polish make me think of her.

  3. Me too! Ravelry is brain washing all of us knitters. We're all in love with purples, mauves, and pinks lately. I want to make Teresa Gregorio's Drift's Ridge in a purple/ gray combo soon.

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