Holla Knits Knit and Crochet-a-long

Yep, there’s more “a-longs” happening around here.  Holla Knits is having a knit and crochet-a-long focused on the two special collections that have been released in the last two years.  That’s the crochet one and the home collection.  It’s kind of perfect timing because I need a very portable project for taking with me to my grandparents’ each day and a crocheted scarf is as portable as it gets.  I’ve had the yarn for County Fair Scarf for a long time, but the fact that I didn’t crochet kept it on the back burner.  This is the Knit Picks Comfy Worsted I’ll be using.

(on my ravelry, kollabora, and flickr)

Since finishing the Super Baby cape (here, on my dog and here, on the baby), I’ve been itching to try something new.  It’s nice to not notice when I’m doing something poorly because I’m just so proud to be doing it at all.

If I finish this scarf as quickly as I’ve heard I will, I do have yarn for Prim and some Granny Square Earrings.  Could anything be more portable and quickly gratifying than a collar or earrings?

Check out the rest of the collection and come join us on Ravelry.

(photo via Holla Knits)

The Holla Knits Home Collection took me off guard.  I am knee deep in sweaters at the moment and don’t have the right yarn in my stash for any of these projects, except maybe Excelsior.  I have this romantic notion of knitting all of these knits for my pop up camper.  We can huddle under the Movie Night Blanket by the fire.  (The truth is, we often watch netflix in our camper, all of us huddled onto one bed.)  The Admiralty can go on one bed and a couple of What’s Your Sign pillows depicting constellations we can actually see, because we’re away from the city, can be tossed on the other.  An Elemental Lines table runner and placemats in groovy seventies colors for our table/bed and Excelsior, in a similar color scheme, hanging on the “wall.”  Sounds perfect.

(photo via Holla Knits

But right now, I’m wanting to gain some crochet skills and possibly try to crochet a garment soon.

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  1. I have kind of an obsession for campers, so your plans to dec yours out with handknits sound perfect. Mine would be filled with loud seventies era crochet. My husband's worst nightmare!

  2. Me too! I love our pop-up, but my dream camper is an A-liner with skylights. They're just so easy to travel with. I have fond memories of my grandparents' seventies era camper , too.

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