I’m the Woman With the Master Plan

(354 Day 65 photo)

A few weeks ago I went through all of my seeds to see what I had that I could plant now after this unusually long winter for Southeast Texas. Above is the leftover stash of heirlooms I ordered last year from Seedsavers.org. These, combined with those I harvested, keep my costs low. Also, using my own compost that I’ve been adding to all year, kept me from having to buy a load of dirt. And the best part is that I didn’t have to lose control of an insane tiller or get my husband to borrow a truck to bring loads of dirt home. Yay!

So, keeping in mind what I learned from my last foray into the world of gardening, I made a master plan. (Remember the song?) I was hearing “Who’s the man with the master plan?” in my head the whole time.) Anyway, it’s a few veggies, surrounded by herb and carrot beds, planned so that I can rotate my “crop” from year to year easily.
This was just plain fun! I dumped the compost then planted my seeds following the map.

It’s a real small potatoes kind of garden. When things grow well there’s just enough to supplement our grocery trips, and when they don’t I have less work to do. But, there is a chance we’ll be getting a water well this summer after all, so I’m now toying with the idea of buying a load of dirt for the lot next to our house to set up another more practical 20 x 20 garden. Won’t my husband be happy to get to see me dragged behind the tiller until he rescues me again?

I kind of love this little garden.

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