Wanna See Something Neat?

It’s a Dreiecke hat on my daughter.  I knit it for her best friend for Christmas.  It’s unblocked, of course, but I do like the amount of stitch definition the Andes del Campo gives for this design by Shannon Cook.

This is a one day knit, folks.  When it’s cold, I wear mine daily to walk the dog.

My only mod was to decrease the cast on stitches by 4, then add 4 stitches to my first non-rib round.  I don’t know if 4 stitches make a big difference, but I usually knit ribbing too loose.  How I can do that on size 1s I’ll never understand.

I know, I stink at blocking… and swatching… and using the yarn I already have… and the thing I’m writing about next.

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  1. Looks great! Haven't tried that particular yarn yet, how do you like it? I"m currently in the middle of boot cuff boot camp, not sure if I'm going to make my dead line of another 2 1/2 pairs in 2 days.

  2. Ha! Boot Cuff Camp is perfect! I liked the del Campo. It's a bit loftier than Wool of the Andes and is two ply, so I'm still thinking it's not the best for stitch definition, but I liked the squishy softness, so I'm pleased.
    What yarn are you using for your cuffs?

  3. I've used a couple of different ones, Patons wool, Wool of the Andes and Berroco Vintage. Just had a huge, huge knitting disaster! I was making these as thank you gifts and they had picked up a bit of a pet smell so I washed them and helped them along by putting them on air dry in the dryer. They felted. I am kicking myself. Only need another 5 pairs by Friday morning. What was I thinking?!

  4. Oh no! You can try blocking them out again. If the felting is not too severe, the recipient won't even notice. I hate to hear that. I have pet hair on everything I knit. They love to lay by me while I work, what can I do? It is family time. Hope it all works out for you, Terri!

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