Week 2 – Taking Care of Business

This is almost all of my Nachtfalter ribbing in pomegranate.  It doesn’t look like much progress, due to the tinyness of all of these stitches, but it has, in fact, doubled in length this week.  Much of this was accomplished in the car, at a taco shop, and in a restaurant (yes, I did knit in public this week without even realizing it) for Father’s Day.  I decided not to brave it during Superman, besides knitting through a movie for Father’s Day isn’t much of a gift.

I was also busy finishing the Harnett Tank, another beautiful collection of tiny stitches, which I hope to get photos of tomorrow.  So, you can see there has been quite a bit of knitting activity around here while the kids were at camp.  I am using ridiculously small needles (0’s, 1’s, and 2’s) to work these in the hopes that loosening my tension will save my wrists.  So far it seems to be working.  I just don’t need to work too intently on tiny, little stitches then spend an evening weeding again.  I’m fine with the finely gauged knits because the easily memorized rib pattern of this top and the stockinette of the tank allowed me to start reading while knitting again, something I have sorely missed while knitting up cabled and lace projects.

With all of this reading, project finishing, summer camp no. 1 accomplished, and organizing of drawers and file cabinets, I am feeling more together … today, anyway.

I am going to do a tiny bit of revamping here on the blog, as well.  I need a new header and have signed on to a few new media sites, like Bloglovin.  I’m not sure why I’m doing that yet, but I join things and if it takes hold of my interest and something grows out of it, I keep it.  If not, it goes into the media/ app graveyard with Storie, Shoebox and 500px.

So follow my blog with Bloglovin

I also signed up for Kollabora.  We’ll see.  I’ve been on a mostly knitting craft kick for a couple of years now and I have my beloved Ravelry, so I’m not sure where Kollabora would fit in.  But I like the concept of finding projects, materials, and tutorials all in one place and the clean layout.  I’d like to make jewelry again and try machine sewing, but there are few hours in every day and I find knitting needles in my hand during all of the extra ones.  However, a few of my blog buddies’ sewing projects are really speaking to me, so you never know…

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  1. It's coming along and looks gorgeous! Those are some tiny stitches.

    I love Bloglovin' and Kollabora. I wasn't sure about Kollabora either, but I think it's fun because I can put all of my WIPS on there. Not just knitting. And the creators/editorial team make really amazing, inspirational stuff. Anyway, I'm sold.

    I feel the same way – I have so many things I want to make using so many different tools. I've been knitting in the evenings – that's been nice.

  2. I see what you mean about Kollabora, Stephanie. You must always have awesome sewing and jewelry projects in the works. I think that site may push me over the edge into sewing one of these days. For now, though, I am really enjoying perusing other people's projects.

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