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All Mine

Yes, these are mineโ€ฆ all mine.  I’m back to selfish knitting and it just feels so right ๐Ÿ™‚

I used the left over City Tweed Heavy Weight from my daughter’s cuffs and the leftover dk from her cowl, doubled, to have enough yarn for these.  I even threw in a little doubled city tweed from my Henri sweater and made stripes because I was running out of yarn.

It was worth the added effort; but now I am really, truly through with boot cuffs… for a while.

If you say the word “cuffs” over and over it loses all meaning.


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  1. Thank you, Sandra! They were the last little scraps of my City Tweed, but I will definitely enjoy them. I like it when our little guy sneaks into a picture because he is my constant companion.

  2. I haven't used all of KnitPicks yarns, but I've used many and I have to say CityTweed is my favorite, with Wool of the Andes in second. Wool of Andes is a great straightforward wool, like many others out there. City Tweed is special because it's got that soft alpaca while being a tweed and not too expensive. I don't know of any other yarn brands that can compete with it. They seem to be holding their shape well and other things I've made with City Tweed are still looking good, so I'm very satisfied.

  3. Love those cuffs Michelle. There's something cuffy in the air I think because Robert's sister just gave him some sort of socks to wear in wellies which cuff out of the top. But I love the colours of these. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. There must be. My daughter seems to only be wearing long socks that stick out from under her boots and is waiting for her cuffs. Thanks, it does make a nice little gift and stash buster.

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