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DIY Spring Wreath

This is the more subtle, natural answer to the very shiny, artificial Christmas wreath I made for Christmas.

It’s a spring wreath that I made for my grandmother with grapevine clipped from my yard and some hobby store moss.  It’s so incredibly easy to do, I thought I’d share.

All you need is grapevine, moss, glue gun, and whatever other decorations you like (I used a bird’s nest here, but I sort of just like vine and moss.)  Make sure your grapevine is not totally dried out and stiff so that it can bend and hold it’s shape.  If it is too dry, try soaking it in water for a few hours.

I began bending a strand of grapevine into a circle, running each strand over and under the last to sort of twist them together.  Each time I ran out of vine, I just introduced a new one in that spot, tucking the end under.

I separated the moss and dotted hot glue on the wreath where I wanted the moss to sit and gently pressed it down.  I glued the nest in (You can easily make your own with very pliable grapevine.) and glued in the eggs.  The end.

(my Flickr) 

 It can be more holiday focused like this or this.  My personal favorite is a wreath cradling succulents like this.  But I went with a robin’s nest because my grandparents used to love watching birds in their yard; my grandfather was always trying to devise feeders the squirrels couldn’t disturb.

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