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Valentine’s Mixtape

Remember when if you liked someone, you gave them a mixtape of songs you thought they would like or songs you liked that you hoped they would like too, etc?  Well I never did that.  I made a zillion mixtapes for myself and my friends to listen to, but never one for a boy I liked.  (Except the time I made one for a friend in the hospital and when he got out, he said he loved me.  Whoops, I should have known better than to play around with mixtape juju.)
Anyway, that’s my card to my husband: a mix playlist for his flash drive and itunes.  It isn’t quite the labor of love it once was when you had to wait for the song to come onto the radio, start the boombox recorder, and stop before the dj cut in.  Even when I upgraded to dual cassette players it was more of a challenge than “click and drag.”  So, I made this cd cover as a nod to the old school.   

Here’s a sample of my Valentine’s playlist:

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