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Wherever You Can Find It

Oh, winter is bleak where I live.  Not bleak as in picturesque, snow- blanketed farm houses.  Not even a dramatic Siberia- bleak.  It’s just like summer when the grass is all burnt up, only there’s no green, it’s still really cold, and days are too short.  So, I live vicariously through my Flickr friends.   I see their beautiful natural surroundings (like eahNC‘s, or Jennifer‘s, or Gail‘s) and the crafty way they record it (like Beth, or Candace, or Lucy) and imagine what it would be like to take a walk in a forest I didn’t have to drive too far to reach.   To walk safely somewhere other than the street and find something beautiful with every turn of my head- aaah!   I have thoughts like, “How refreshing!” “Maybe someday…” that are quickly followed by, “365 would be a breeze.”

It’s not like I live in total urban decay or anything.  We have trees.  I still go for walks (er, run from dogs).  I do love my hometown.  But my 365 project drags- what to shoot?   

Though I have to look a little longer and a little closer to find some winter beauty,  I guess looking is half of the fun anyway.  It probably reinforces my ability to see the positive in a seemingly negative situation.   It can require imagination.  That’s all good.  And then there’s the pure joy I feel when I do get to go somewhere “beautiful” – I appreciate it so much and there is no memory card I cannot fill.

I’ve been playing with the Lensbaby and Gimp around my house, so be warned these images are not carefully curated (are they ever?) or even that good, but they are among my first with that lens and were an attempt to find something pretty out there in the grey.

Don’t worry, Grandmommy, Lensbaby and Gimp are not my new nicknames for the children- just photo equipment 🙂

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  1. These are gorgeous, how fun to get a fisheye! I know that winter blues is the worst for a 365. For me it is should I shoot snow or ice… Pretty soon and it will be spring and there will be loads of inspiration 🙂

  2. Oh, Michelle, thank you for linking my "duck in the snow" image! Made my day. 🙂

    365 is sooooo difficult at this time of year. I ran into the same problem myself in 2010. If I'd known more about textures and layers in PS I would have survived better. I didn't even have a decent lens to start with. But not having everything right away forces one to be creative, and that's an advantage, really.

    I think you are doing a great job. I love how that Lensbaby distorts the image. Such character in every shot! That one with the leaves makes me feel a sense of motion. And the last one on this post: wow.

    Hang in there! I think you are doing a fabulous job. Lots of variety so far, and still lots of pictures of you and your life. Love it!

    P.S. I lol'd at your last comment about Lensbaby and Gimp not being nicknames for the children. Clever. 🙂

  3. Thank you, Ladies!
    April, I don't know snow and ice are sounding pretty good right now. Even so, you never seem to lack inspiration.

    Gail, playing around more with post processing is a good idea. That will keep me busy, since I know so little.

    Candace, you're welcome! I think the lens is helping make not so interesting shots a little more interesting.

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