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Faded Beauties

Seafoam melamine in its prime.
I really like the slightly marbled seafoam color. My grandmommy and her mother served us fruit salad and cereal out of bowls like this.

It’s one of those days where I only want hands in a 365.

(365 Day 122 Photo)

Pretty morning light.
I think I bought all of these for the way they reflect light. Shiny plastic and milk glass

Another weird Avon perfume bottle.

Remember when everyone decorated their homes with partridges? I like.

I also found a couple of Fire King planter/vases to put cuttings in in my bedroom, as soon as I get rid of some of the yarn I have laying around and un cat-proof a little.

Love the way light shines through hobnail.

These vases make me think of one my mother used to put our picked flowers in.

I feel calmer just looking at them.

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