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Don’t Be So Sensitive

Pure castile soap: no scents, no additives. Love it.

I’ve had trouble finding a soap for my sensitive, acne treated skin that would clean away makeup and not dry me out. After years of trying everything, I’d settled for the most dermatologist recommended brand, but it left huge pores and makeup on my skin.
So about 2 months ago I chucked my facial ritual of 10 years and tried my new homemade castile soap. Unless you’ve had acne, you can never know what chutzpa it takes to rub a soap made purely of oil onto your face. I feared it was like scrubbing with a pizza and rinsing with soda.
But it worked great! -the soap, that is. Now my sensitive kids use it as well as my grandmother who says it cleared up an ongoing rash. Yay.

This is another calendula batch I did before all the flowers died off. I saved some seeds, so hopefully we’ll have more come spring.

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