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I Miss Photo Albums

I miss photo albums.
I was just looking at this first batch of polaroids I made and thinking how I need an album.

(365 Day 120 Photo)

Not the computer kind. And I don’t mean over-the-top scrapbooks filled with specialty items from a scrapbooking store.

I mean old, non archival, photo albums with corner tabs on the pictures and sticky cover pages that no longer stick. Or overstuffed scrapbooks with real stuff in them like movie tickets, 1st place ribbons, or doodles a friend drew on a napkin.

I looked through all of our baby books regularly when I was a girl (and the cigar box with a few childhood pictures of my dad who didn’t have anything like a baby book) just like you would pore over any other book.

I’d just lay across the floor, flipping pages and loving my family.
My dreams are full of these pictures.

I looked through all of my friends photo albums. Everyone had a shelf dedicated to them in their home.

This is from my husband’s childhood photo album. I don’t even think he remembers he has one. But I do. And now my dreams are full of his pictures too.

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