Sick Days

I have to confess…I like it when my kids are sick.
Not the shaking with fever, throwing up kind of sick; but the mild temp, possibly contagious, have to stay home and rest kind of sick. They feel almost perfect, just sleepy, and actually want lots of motherly attention.

(365 Day 78 Photo)

Reading together and watching a show snuggled on the couch are like vitamins, for me as well as them. This is when they catch me up on all the little things they’ve been thinking but haven’t taken the time to express. I could hear anything from a very real fear to who knows how to play Bakugan the best at school. And I think I laughed more yesterday (when Little Man was home) than I have in ages.

(365 Day 79 Photo)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I wish illness upon them, but I will say that chicken pox was the BEST!

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