Happy Birthday to Me

It’s not really my b-day, but you would think so if you saw me open up my new dslr camera yesterday. You would also have thought I was four.

(365 day 77 photo)

Look at the depth of field. That was so hard to achieve with my old camera. It was either all or nothing.

But look at these unedited, uncomposed, off-the-cuff shots I took of the animals (who are ever-present) as I flipped through the instructions. Indoors!

They are sooo much clearer, without a tripod, even. It was so difficult to get a clear image in low light before. I’d take tons of shots and have to blow them up on the computer before I could tell if it was or wasn’t in focus.

I have real manual controls here and manual focus too!! This isn’t even a top of the line Canon, just Rebel xsi, and I lurve it!!

Hee hee!!

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