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I didn’t grow up on a farm where seasons and the moon determined your lifestyle. I spent the eighties in a little suburb where seasons were either new episodes of Moonlighting or summer vacation. But even as children, we all get excited with that first snap of cold in October and the first few mild weekends of Spring. Even our old dog was scampering about the yard yesterday.

Having a little garden makes it more central to my life: deciding if I’ll spend my time digging in the dirt today or not.

(365 Day 72 Photo)

I have this whole bird’s eye perspective on our days, now. I’m aware that when I’m planting, my uncles are too. That lots of us were watering and paying close attention to the weather this weekend with it’s possibility of frost.

Then, there’s always the cheesy symbolic aspect: the end of decay and the beginning of new life. (And I really do feel fresher as I clear out the dead growth in the yard.)
And the more practical: like, the pleasure of the sun on my back, or how homeless people must be finally finding some relief.

What about Spring Cleaning ? Do you do it? I actually do. Usually the house and the garage get a good once over and we put quite a bit of junk in the Goodwill or trash pile. Then the windows are open and the stale, cooped-up air of winter gets washed away. I don’t pay those refineries any mind.

This is cliantro bolting to seed. Isn’t it pretty. This, begonias, and pansies are our only blooms right now.

But I have high hopes for these sweet peas that were so thin and wispy when they sprouted, I almost pulled them thinking they were weeds. Somehow over the winter, they strengthened and are now on both sides of our grape arbor, ready to climb.
I’d never seen them before, but my Grandmommy used to talk about how pretty this old fashioned flower was, so I bought the seeds to see them, myself.

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