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Goin’ Cross the Country

(365 Day 63 Photo)

I didn’t dare get my hopes up a few months ago when we first discussed it. But, now that it seems like we maybe, just might, be able to really do it, I find a smile creeping over my face a little more often. I hear Canned Heat in my head beckoning me to “pack my leaving trunk, you know we got to leave today.”

Yes, my Brady fantasy just may come true. We’re heading thru West Texas to visit Great Grandma, thru Marfa where my grandparents married during the war and where the Judd Boxes want me to photograph them, then it’s Roswell, some ghost towns, and White Sands Monument, New Mexico. Our main destination is, of course, The Grand Canyon, taking in The Petrified Forest and The Painted Desert.

Our way home will be thru Utah’s Zion Narrows and Bryce Canyon, stopping to climb at Hueco Tanks. Whew!!!
We’ll be driving slower, I think, than my husband plans, so we may cut out a few stops, but oh my, I’m so excited.

“I’m going to some place where I’ve never been before.”

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