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A Couple Through the Viewfinder

I’m about to enter the crazy time of year.   You can expect to see me in extremes: nothing for days, then  a blitz of several posts in one day.   When I do write something, it may be disjointed and fuzzy.   
I’m not even one of those moms who’s on all the committees.   I’m just a get- them- to- school- on- time-kind-of-mom, and my little home-bodies aren’t part of half the extracurriculars their friends are.    Yet, here I am breathless again in March.   Church activities, UIL, recitals, games,  camp payment deadlines, missed checkups… do I really have to go into detail?   
 If you have children or teach children, you know.  If you don’t, then you are probably well-rested at the moment.  
 I’m not complaining, just amazed.
 (day 79, Ttv52- week 11)
(day 85,  Ttv52- week 12)

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  1. Michelle, when I saw these on Flickr I was amazed. I know you are busy, but as an empty-nester, the craziness will soon be over and the house all too quiet.

    Love both photos, but the one that made me smile was the colorful image of the yarn and your cat. The mischief that must've been in his head as he devised all the fun he would have with that yarn. Well done, my dear!

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