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Knitting Lessons of 2012

14 sweaters, 3 hats, 3 cowls, a purse, and a pair of socks.  That’s my tally.

Two thoughts:
1) Am I now a robot?
2) Should I have joined a “Knit 1.2 Sweaters-a-Month” knitting group for robots?

14 sweaters… know what?  That’s exactly the number of sweaters I have yarn ready and waiting for in my queue.  I’m not super proud of that because it leads me to discuss how I failed to adhere to my last resolution of using up the yarn hoard.  I mean, I did use some on, maybe, six projects.  But I’m sorry to say that I amassed the yarn for the upcoming 14 all the while.

All of this crafting was in high gear as I dealt with some things, working problems out in my subconscious as my hands worked them out on my needles.

I thought I’d share some of my lessons learned from knitting through the year:

-the crucial importance of gauge:
Caramel (I’m not posting photos of the horrible Caramel, which makes 15 sweaters total, but you can follow the links to get the full impact of the lesson from other posts.)

– how to write a simple beginner’s pattern:

– how to lay it out in a basic, but usable, pdf:

– that it was the perfect opportunity to use some of that stored yarn:

and again

-what the heck selbu is:

-how to modify flat knits for working in the round:

-that Isabell Kraemer can’t knit a fail:

-that it is possible to make an entire garment during one movie:

-my new favorite stitch, honeycomb:

-how to make leather toggle clasps, though I opted not to use them, and the fun of knitting in a group:

– the fun of competition, knitting with Team Sasquatch in the Sock Put for Ravellenics. (That was one very geeky sentence.)
– I also learned how to knit socks two at a time using the magic loop method:

Tennessee Hiking Socks (On-Your- Toes Sock Pattern)

– that I really like knitting delicate lace:

– that I can cut my knits if I want to, doggoneit:

-that finishing isn’t always a drag and that I love Stroll Sport:

-that there is no reason why I, a knitter, should ever have to put up with a hat that falls down over my face, unless I like it that way:

-how to recycle thrift store sweaters (another knit that can be done during a movie) :

-how to make a short row hat:

-the joys of knitting for my guy:

– that I can sew an invisible zipper into a knitted bag for a high quality accessory
– and how to throw yarn with both hands for traditional fair isle knitting:

Scallop of the Sea (tiny bit of sewing left on this one)

-that I love hand dyed yarn from indie dyers:

Georgia (only have buttons left to sew on)
(yarn by Gynx Yarns)

So, those last too aren’t technically finished.  But it’s just a matter of sewing, which doesn’t count.

Up next:  finishing the back of my Henri sweater (I’ll save all of my praise for this pattern for another post)

the Downton Abbey knitalong hosted by Luvinthemommyhood, in which I finally knit a Hannah Fettig pattern, 

and, of course, beautiful hand dyed yarns from Roman Hills and Knits in Class that are burning a hole in my stash because it’s a sacrilege to not have used them yet.  They’ll soon become this top and these shorts. 

Wow, if you are still reading, you are incredibly patient with my photos of pensive off-camera looks and excessive linkage.  I just hope I haven’t screwed up all of these links and sent you to this clip over and over again, accidentally. ( I don’t know, I just woke up this morning, thinking, “Hey You Guyyyyyys!” for the new year.)

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