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When knitting is your comfort, and I interviewed Alina Schneider

Since we are hunkered down at home, awaiting more rains from Hurricane Harvey, I have gotten quite a bit of knitting done.  (We are fine.  We may get a bit of water in the house, but nothing catastrophic.)  Of course, most of it has been ripped back, but I still managed to finish the second sleeve on my Journey sweater today.

You may remember I’m knitting two sweaters by Alina Schneider, Journey and Heritage, for the Summer Sweater Knit-along.  That was a coincidence, because both have been in my queue for a while.  But, it isn’t a coincidence that I also interviewed Alina for a guest blog post on VeryShannon.com.  When Shannon asked if I’d like to write a guest post, I thought it was a great chance to ask Alina some things I’d been wondering, as I immerse myself in her designs.  I also thought you guys would enjoy learning a little more about her.   She is doing some really cool things.

I thought the interview was really great.  It was good enough to soothe my frustration with myself for making a huge blunder on my Heritage that required ripping back to the armholes.  I was feeling kind of stressed, so I just zoned out, knitting like a maniac without looking at my pattern again until a few days later.  That’s when I realized I forgot my increases.  There I am, below, looking so chill about wasting hours of work.

Yeah, I go all Jethro Bodean like this on about every other project I work on.  I do it because the knitting is relieving my stress, but then I screw up and feel stressed.  So then, what could I do but comfort myself with some more knitting.

When knitting is your comfort, you just have to accept that sometimes it must comfort you from… your knitting?  Yes, basically.  And so I moved back to my Journey and knocked out a sleeve and a half in two days. Sigh.

I’ve accepted that Heritage probably won’t be finished by the end of the SSKAL, but I still have plenty of time to do it for the Brooklyn Knitfolk Hipster KAL.  Now, I’m going to go re-read what Alina said and work on my sweater that’s not in the bad corner.

(more on ravelry, instagram, and flickr)

Truth time: What is the last project that you had to put in the bad corner?

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