Time’s A Wastin’

I let my little cilantro plants bolt to seed to see if I could harvest it as coriander.  I may have waited too late to collect them because they were very brown, but they smell like what I have bought in the store, so we’ll see.  I put the stems with the coriander in an old flour bag with the top folded down in a dark corner by the pantry.  I may be doing this all wrong since I approach research with an ADD- ish attitude:  read two sentences, move on.  But that is only because I’m trying so many new things at once.  Just today, before kids are home from school, I need to make laundry soap,  make a true castille soap (which I’ve never done), finish that book I’ve been reading for a few months now, learn how to work the photo program better on our new computer, design a new yoga lesson,  dry some flowers for soaps, practice piano, work out, and try a new bread recipe.  Or I can just play with this sad little blog and google stuff.

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