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Another Happy Ending

Finished our small budget recycled patio in time for the fourth. We used broken chunks of concrete from old foundations that we picked up on the side of the road set into a base of decomposed granite. The logs are cypress. The arbor was made like our garden arbor on a larger scale. We all helped make it. The kids painted the arbor top, Adam set the logs and helped me set the stones. I leveled them but am getting a little more granite to raise some places a bit. Pretty good job for a couple of hundred and do-it-yourself.

But , man ,were we sore the next two days!!
This is the patio I’ve wanted for ten years finally realized. You know, I get lots of ideas that require patience. I could always force it, push myself to complete something before I or my family are ready or before we can really afford it. It’s hard to wait, but it’s worth it to do it the way you want within the means you have.

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