Used is Good

This last weekend I finally convinced my daughter that shopping re-cycled is the most fun. Adam and I have been doing the Financial Peace thing to lower our cost of living. Since we force the kids to listen to the cds in the car with us (“If you don’t stop fighting, I’m turning on Dave Ramsey!”) they’ve been getting a good dose of info about responsible spending. It only follows that they can help by buying more thoughtfully. So, I told them we’d try used stores too for school clothes. Well, that would be my preference anyway, but my girl looked like I’d told her that her first day of school outfit would be an iron maiden.

After digging thru her closet to find the things that did fit well (some of which had been forgotten in the jumble) we looked over what she really liked and what would do for now. So, with an idea of what she really needed, my sister and I took her to Buffalo Exchange before having lunch with my brother. It seemed a good place to start since it’s kind of a used cross-over store and she hasn’t yet inherited the ability to hold her breath, blur her eyes, and imagine what she could make out of a thrift store find.
She had a great time, plus we all found the most unflattering outfits possible for each of us. I even got this dress (this is the back of it, it’s kind of like this) and a white slip top to go under a sweater I knit. It’s not quite the thrill that finding some great vintage at goodwill gives, but it was a nice rite of passage.

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