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I never thought I’d own this bicycle.  It’s the only bicycle I’ve ever really, really wanted since the re-built bike my grandparents gave me as a teenager, which I foolishly sold.  The Schwinn I bought a couple of years ago was fun to work on and ride, but it wasn’t my dream bike.  This is.

After three or more years of checking Craigslist occasionally for a Raleigh DL-1Tourist, I finally found one.  It was extremely reasonable, since all the parts worked and were original except the pedals.  It was also within my experimental project budget, which is definitely smallish.  There is a bit of rust, here and there, but the paint is decent for a ’74.   I have to put on the brake pads, move some temporary pedals on, and clean it up.  I’ve just been staring at it… a lot.  Now, you stare with me.

 (more on my Flickr)

 Oh, I have plans for you little bike.

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