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Second Summer

I did the responsible thing and made it through parental hazing- I think! I’ve provided growing room, dozens of specifically colored folders, volunteered to make corn husk dolls, taken an endless list of dates I’ll never remember, and adjusted to 6 am mornings without one late day. So, the initial blues of not having kiddles with me will be wearing off soon.

Then I get my second summer.

I have to admit, there is a little part of me that is kind of excited about having the house to myself for several hours a day. I feel like a kid whose parents are going out of town.

I used to say that when they were both in school, I would stay in my pajamas most of the day for a whole year, like when I was a teenager in the summer. But that wasn’t really practical and I was in a sort of daze without them that first year, anyway.
Since then, I have enjoyed trying things I probably wouldn’t have if they were here (like this blog, yoga, 365, bigger knitting projects.)

This year it may be playing the piano, taking longer runs down a quiet road, and knitting like crazy. I can do whatever I want. Or, better yet, I can do nothing.

Who knows? My husband may come home on his break to find me eating chocolate cake for lunch, with “my” music blaring, playing super mario (the old one.)

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  1. I always fantasize about the things I would do if I had the house all to myself for more than a few days, because let's face it, it takes that long to adjust.
    I find that I am not as motivated in real life as I am in my fantasies!
    I have no doubt that you will accomplish all of those wonderful things you listed, and I hope you make time for cake, loud music and Mario!

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