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Just One Hitch…

Yee-ha! We got our pop up yesterday. This was something we’d wanted to do for a while but seemed out of our budgetary reach. But you know how a chance encounter with a friend and random conversation can lead to a little blessing at just the right moment. Well, Adam sold a car to one of his parent’s old friends who wanted to sell his pop up, and here we are. I’ve been a little obsessed with vintage campers for a few years now, but without a truck to pull one and no reason to justify buying a truck, we’d settled on a pop-up or homemade tear drop.

Since we’re on a new budget to pay off our car and chiropractic care, I figured having a camper would wait a year or so. It isn’t the shasta I dream of, but it’s perfect for now: used but the canvas is in perfect condition. Plus it fits in the little garage perfectly. Now we just gotta get a trailer hitch for the suv.

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