We Have a Queen!

Not all my summer projects have worked out like I’d hoped. We expected to have enough honey for the family this season, but the mosquito plane that circled our neighborhood ended that. I took out our queen a a good portion of the hive. At least some survived and with the help of our neighborhood Bee Whisperer, Wayne, we got a new frame of brood to start over.
It was probably for the best that we get as much bee education as possible before our friends move. And I did learn to spot a queen cell a few days after inserting the brood. Then yesterday, we went looking for her, all without a suit on ( I let my husband wear it as he was actually lifting the top hive box off.) I didn’t realize the queen was just extra long, so we pulled the whole hive apart only to find that she was on the first frame we tried in the top box. And-good news- she is laying. So, maybe with some sugar water placed nearby, they’ll make some honey yet.

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