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Misc. Vacation Photos and the Terribly Deep Thoughts They Inspire

I have lots of vacation photos to sift through and edit but I’m pleased to say not nearly as many as in years past. I really did mean it when I said I want to shoot more selectively… even if these selective shots come from 5 different cameras :/  But until I do, I’m posting these easy cheesy phone/ ipad photos.

These are my Terra Plana breatho trail shoes and the best I have ever had.   We hiked 10+ very steep miles at a time for a few days, walked the strip in Gatlinburg, and wandered over every inch of Dollywood all day on Thursday. There was no discomfort- no breaking in period, they fit like a glove and had sufficient grip for coming down a slippery mountain trail. (I sometimes have issues with heights and coming down wet slopes can freak me out.) Minimal shoes, by nature, encourage you to step more thoughtfully, but even with all the careful attention, sharp rocks could hurt me, but didn’t in these.  I have been running in them ever since.

They weren’t too expensive when you consider the whole barefoot/minimal running shoe market.  Sure my daughter covered as much ground in her shredded converse all stars (seriously the sole was flapping by the time we were done) but she complained about her legs being tired the whole time.  No, I didn’t want her to wear them but she insisted and packed nothing else but Tom’s.   I didn’t argue much because I was just glad it wasn’t flip flops.

The road trip was a Paulie knitting marathon (I think I have a stress injury in my wrist) only broken by my husband’s need for me to read aloud to keep us both awake, thus alive.   And that sweater is aaaaalmost done.  I went with 3/4 -ish sleeves and think I will have just enough green silky wool to do the edging.   Now that I’ve proven to myself that I will get back to blogging and posting photos, I think I will retreat into Sweaterland and knock that baby out.

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