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Garden Bounty

I’m joking because what you see is almost all there is so far. There will be tomatoes. I mean that as a fact not a positive confession. But, since I only planted a little of other stuff, I got even less.

(365 Day 170 Photo)

At least these richly colored carrots are pretty because they taste gross. I imagine that this is what Breck hairspray tastes like, don’t ask me why.

What is wrong with my soil that they are bitter again this year?
I could’ve sent a soil sample off to Texas A&M well before spring to prepare the soil. But I am the one who planned my garden plots and purchases on a wrinkled napkin at the last minute, so…

Ahh, and here is the result of my potato tire experiment. With 3lb of seed potatoes I was to grow 30 pounds.

Try 3 oz.

Oh well, we had like two weeks of Spring this year and this was an easy freebie project, so I’ll try again next year.
The question is, what will I make with my haul? 3 fries?

Okay, this one worked. The grapes weren’t quite ripe when I took this photo, but now they are purple and sweet.

(365 Day 168 Photo)

We got so many on our tiny little vine that part of the vine broke under the weight while I was gone.

I have some reading up to do, I guess.

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