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Cedar Glen Mitts

I told you I wasn’t finished with purple.  These are Cedar Glen Mitts, by Katie Canavan.  They are so lovely and spring-like that I thought I’d do some planting in them.  Not really, are you kidding?  I love these too much.  I couldn’t find them when I was ready to take these photos and I tore up my house, looking.  Of course, they were right beside me in my knitting basket.  At least the upheaval gave me a reason to organize some of the clutter around here.

A super fun and quick knit,  I could easily have made two pairs from two coordinating skeins of Gloss Fingering.  I chose Hawk and Velveteen for these and I think they’d look good knit with the colors reversed in their placement.

The construction is interesting, too.  That made for a nice break between larger projects.  Seriously, they really do scream, “Spring!”  I need to take them for a walk through a field of wildflowers or on an evening bike ride.

This is my fourth pattern by Katie’s to have knit.  I love the variety in the designs- shorts, a sailor top, a clutch, these mitts, and next up will be her Julep Jacket.  I could wear a whole outfit designed by Katie, an extremely mismatched outfit, but still…

The details:  I modified the pattern slightly because I couldn’t get as fine a gauge as required for the pattern and I didn’t want to knit moss stitch in continental.  I had really good notes about my mods written on the back of one of the yarn labels.  I know, smart.  Anyway, I think it got thrown away in the crazy purge as I searched for the mitts.

The best I can remember is that I used size 2 needles, with my Gloss Fingering yarn, and knit two extra repeats of the lace portion.  This made it the right length.  But to get the right width on the seed stitch portion, I had to pick up 5 stitches less

I knit 10 less stitches than directed before making my wrap and turns, however, I think I did wrap and turn as many times as instructed.
Even though I had less stitches in width for the seed stitch part, I still have the correct amount of stitches between the thumb bind off and the hand-end of the mitts.  I realize this is strange, but they fit me perfectly.

Thanks to the Holla Knits KAL 2015, I have two knits off of my queue and onto my body.  Next up I’m making the New Girl skirt and Katie’s Julep Jacket.  There’s a month left to this knit along.  It’s not too late to join in, especially if you’re wanting to make an accessory, like these mitts.

Though I’m not planting these at the moment, they are going in a planter in the house.  Due to well pump issues and our decision to remodel our kitchen, I guess I won’t be planting a dye garden in the back yard this spring.  Maybe I’ll get around to it later.  Instead, I’m focusing on my house plants.  These will look so good in our kitchen when it’s finished.

(more on ravelry, kollabora, instagram, and flickr)

My other post on these mitts is here.

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  1. Thanks, Cassy! I guess my tastes end up somewhat dictated by Pantone. I see the "Color of the Year" enough, then all of the dyers' versions of it, and I am totally brainwashed. 🙂

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