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Stashbusting Scarf

My instagram has been all about this scarf lately.  Though the pattern was written with Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails in mind, I found that I could use several of the tails I have in combination with leftovers in my stash from Laylow, Sothern, Holla Back TankCedar Glen Mitts, and a skein of alpaca I’ve never used.  It’s not a true rainbow color combo, but I like that if I isolate any three colors together, anywhere in the scarf, they look good next to each other.

(on my instagram, ravelry, kollabora, and flickr)

I kind of like the randomness of it.  Plus, I’m using my unicorn tails for something special.  Lets face it, I’m probably not going to be buying more madelinetosh for a while and not in the 20 colors I would need to follow the pattern exactly.

I finished the entire Gilmore Girls series too.  That’s a lot of mindless knitting accompaniment.  Favorite moments include the episode “Friday Night is Alright for Fighting” when the Gilmore family spends an exhausting evening airing their grievances, laughing, drinking, and repeating the process over and over.  Then there was the fact that Sebastion Bach had a recurring role in the show as Gil, and the band’s initial reaction to him as a rock n roll geezer cracked me up.  Don’t forget Kirk’s  artsy movie and modern dance performance.

But there were things I felt were missing by the series finale and I was a little disappointed it was wrapped up the way it was.  But I’m still upset about the last couple of seasons of all of my favorite shows, except the ones that were cancelled after one season, so it’s not surprising.  What did take me off guard was my husband’s reaction to the finale.  Like two nights later he said, “Something’s bothering me. ” and though I expected to hear about some real life drama, no it was the fact that he didn’t like what the writers did with Rory in the finale.  That amused me.

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  1. What a perfect stash project! I love the randomness of colors, I bet it is very addicting, you just want to keep knitting to see what color comes next!

  2. I love that scarf! And I also love those Gilmore Girls episodes you mentioned. I just finished re-watching the series for the second time a couple of months ago, and I'm still angry about the final seasons. It's still very fun to revisit Stars Hollow, though.

  3. My husband's favorite line in the entire season is at the end when Rory say "Mom, you've given me everything I need." He tears up every time. Lorelai getting together with Christopher pisses me off and their eventual implosion pisses me off even more. It's like they reverted to being 16 whenever they were together, losing all their personal growth.

  4. The scarf is rockin'! I love the randomness, but now good it all looks (so far, from what I can see). Are you making it super long?

    Our LYS has brought in unicorn tails, and I knew exactly what they were when I saw them, because they LOOK like something unicorn related! So cool!

  5. It's absolutely addicting. I lost too much sleep over this scarf. 🙂 It is also easily memorized and good for car knitting.

  6. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the show right up to the end. So many times the writing gets terrible by the last few seasons of a show, that I've come to expect that. But, other than the things that irritated my husband :), I enjoyed watching it from start to finish.

  7. Actually, your saying they revert back to being 16 helps me deal with her Christopher freak out better. That felt like writers trying to stretch a romantic plot line out an extra season. I also felt like Rory did some crummy things, which isn't that unusual for a twenty-something, but never had to answer of it. She continues to be seen as a super sweet little girl, when she can be a bit ruthless. Even so, I really like the show and am so glad the KAL came along when it did.

  8. Thank you!! It is super long. I blocked it out to be about like the pattern says, and I love it's giantness. This is the best use for mini skeins or sock scraps that I've seen. And all the color changes keep you liking it, even after stripe number 20.

  9. You mentioned Rory doing some crummy things and getting away with it on Rav and I'm unclear what you're referring to. Are you talking about Dean round 2?

  10. Yeah, it was home-wrecking with Dean that bothered me. I thought the way that happened was very realistic and I liked that Lorelai and her had their first big disagreement over it. But I guess I would've wanted her to face more consequences for it than just moving onto dating Logan. But that's just me.

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