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Summer Resolutions

(Old Friends, 365 Day 135 Photo)

Here’s some old friends. They’re the kind of friends you know well and can stare you down and hold you accountable.
I keep saying I’m going to start reading fiction like I used to. But then I join a 365 group, 2 Bible studies, and netflix, and don’t.

But they keep staring at me from the shelf. They aren’t letting me off that easy.

So, this summer, I really am indulging in reading. No pressure. Just going to be on a road trip for 2 weeks and taking part in very little so we can all practice music a little more and read.

Those are some of my favorite books. Little Women was my grandmother’s so it’s doubly important to me.

Oh, and that’s my thumb,also important to me, so it counts as 365.

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