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Garden Thoughts

(365 Day 143 Photo)

I’ve been thinking about the garden today, as I’m shortly going on vacation and leaving our two dogs, kitten, and the plants behind. It’s like leaving toddlers alone…for weeks. I’m so grateful that my father and sister are volunteering to team up to take care of all our living things while we are gone.

But, like any mother, I may worry…

Here are the Outhouse Hollyhocks I didn’t expect to bloom this year. Yet, here they are climbing high against the trellis. Only, they’re covered with little red spiders and doodle bugs (?) that seem immune to my dish detergent pest spray.

Oh well, I may lose them. I console myself with the knowledge that I can always collect seed from it and try again next year.

Now, how do I console myself about leaving the animals?

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  1. Leaving the animals is difficult. We have three dogs and wrestle with that every time we have to go on an extended trip. My daughter used to come sit with them, but now that she's moved, I don't know what we'll do.

    Hope you enjoy your vacation and try not to worry! (from one worrier to another) *smile*

  2. The hollyhocks are gorgeous now, so if they're over, at least you've enjoyed them. Tiny, tiny, bright red spiders??? could actually be chiggers? B careful!
    Think of it as your pets having a change of pace/vacation too. And you'll all be happy when you get back together!
    P.S. Now I like your "think, think.." picture even more!

  3. Ha! thanks ladies. I'm feeling better about things as the day draws near. I'm leaving those crazy pets in very good care and I have enjoyed the garden!

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