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Memorial Day

Spent the day with two of my favorite people. Just getting another G and P fix before we leave for vacation.

(365 Day 147 Photo)

We try to squeeze in a game of Rummikub whenever we can, in which my grandmother vows she will lose horribly and usually wins. But this time her great-grand-daughter won.

I love this green table. It used to be the “kids table” at Thanksgiving meals when there was so many of us happily piled into their home that we couldn’t fit around the dining table.

There aren’t as many of us now, but we still gather together weekly for a good meal (even if it’s just take out burgers) and talk in a circle of lawn chairs in the garage while Papaw smokes his pipe.

When I was a teenager, if you’d asked me what the definition of peace was I would’ve said,”my grandparents house.”

And I so needed peace. It was so peaceful, in fact, that I often fell asleep there, on their couch. They’d just cover me with an afghan and let me rest while I could.

There has been twenty years of change, births, losses, crisis, and surprises since then.

But my children’s greatest inheritance, the love in that home, shines as brightly as ever.

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  1. Came over from the Shutter Sisters pool. I love these. My grandpa has passed, and I really miss the happy look on his face when we came for a visit. These photos are a treasure! Love the color tint on them too.

  2. Thank you, Sara. I know how you must feel- I lost my mother when I was young. You'd think I'd fear death, but I think it's just driven me to soak up every moment with my loved ones that I can.

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