Animals Fill Space

That’s what everyone does, right?  Even if there’s no time to put real thoughts down here, no time to seek out interesting, revealing things to photograph, no time to play with editing, and even no time to change the stupid songs in the sidebar… I can always post pet pictures. 
 It’s the fail-safe of the 365 community, is it not?  Why else would bizarre animal pictures be all over facebook (Standing Cat Watches Chuck Norris, anyone?)  If you can’t think of anything else take a photo of a cat yawning.  And so here are my once crazy pets, slowly taking on the appearance of their owners and looking a little less crazy and more like we have a gas leak in the house.   
Jenny, day 216
 Except the old one at the bottom.  The tropical storm winds have brought out the puppy in him the last few days and he’s now pulling me down the road on our “walks” before his spindly, little legs tire under his massive belly.  I coax him to slow down after a few blocks, then we turn around.  It’s a fraction of what he used to be able to do, but I’m counting on the whole “dogs have no sense of time” thing so that he feels included.
Mo and me, day 219
Also, school has started and, with the kids gone all day, these guys have ascended to their usual positions of power in our household.    

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