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Some 365’s

(365 Day 186)

These are some 365’s taken through the viewfinder, a sometimes frustrating endeavor that has the potential to produce a neat little image along with many impatient outbursts. Maybe you can tell how annoyed I am above.

(365 Day 190)

First there’s the whole light leak thing when the camera is tilted at certain angles.

(likeness, 365 Day 196)

All of which is made even more interesting if I’m photographing something at eye level. I can either scrounge around for something to stand on or hold both cameras and all those inches of cardboard balancing above my head.

(ruffled, 365 Day 200)

I know my family thinks I’m nuts when I look through it and shuffle back and forth, then side to side, over and over again, like the town drunk, trying to compose my shot while looking at the reverse image. Good times.

(365 Day 201)

Of course, with a 365 I’m the subject, so though I stumble about composing, set the timer, run around to get in the shot, and run back to see how it came out, I know it’s just a gamble.

In fact, 365 is making me think my grungy argus lens is too grungy. The dust and sand grit from Utah is magnified to look like giant moles, creases, and dirt clods on my face. I’m all for unedited realism, but some shots border on scary.

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