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I made a Grinchy kind of commitment this year.  No hand knit Christmas gifts unless they happen to get finished in time for Christmas Day.  Things have been a little different for me in the last year.  I’ve been tackling some health issues and trying to be there for my grandparents.  So, my goal is for us to have as much of a “no pressure” Christmas as we can.

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Then Dani, of Little Bobbins, hosted a Mitt-a-Long and so you know the rest.  I joined to make one, teeny, tiny gift.  My daughter liked my Linden Mitts after I made them last year, but I wasn’t sure I had enough yarn, Journey had just been released and I wanted to make it all, there were KALs… Basically, a million other knitty things happened and I forgot all about them.  Plus, we had like 10 cold days last year.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out my leftover Felici yarn in Kingpin (It’s the awesome color Jane used in her sample) and thought I’d shorten the cuff a tiny bit and see what happened.  If I run short of yarn I can do one of two things:  make them fingerless or rip back and reduce cast on stitches, in the hopes that blocking out will compensate for a more slender mitten.  Then, my gift knitting is done.

Truly, if I just worked through my stash I think my husband would find that gift enough, but I may happen to finish a pair of cabin socks for him to wear around the house.  Our house is on piers and we have wooden floors, so he’d like a gift like that.  But, I’ll get there when I get there!  No pressure, right?

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  1. Loved your comment about working through your stash being gift enough for the hubby … mine would agree! But cabin socks are priceless!

  2. Stash eating gifts are my plan too. 🙂 Mainly, knitting my stash and then deciding if someone I love enough will get it for Christmas. I wish I had some self-striping to make more Linden Mitts, but I don't think I do. Surely I've got something laying around….

  3. Heh, I think my boyfriend would appreciate me using up yarn (and fabric). It's gotten to the point where I almost need to smuggle in yarn to avoid The Look! (Although considering our vastly different work schedules, smuggling is very easy and consists of yarn shopping during the day when he's at work! AHA TAKE THAT BOYFRIEND.)

    I'm already stressing myself out about Christmas knitting – I think I need to cut back on them and go Christmas shopping instead. Do not need that stress. You are a smart woman, not grinchy at all. 🙂

  4. Yes, I've already knit 3 gifts, where I said I'd probably just do 1, and I have some yarn for cabin socks, so….

  5. Sock leftovers could make a great pair of Linden mitts, huh?
    I'm just trying to make a real dent in the stash before my birthday. I'd like a sweater's worth of some really great yarn, but I just can't do it with all of this great yarn laying around, even if it's in odd amounts.

  6. Well, I really wish I'd started earlier making afghan squares for a lap blanket for my grandmother. She used to crochet and would appreciate that, wether it's crochet or knitting. But I didn't, so I'm just working through stash and if gifts happen, they happen. Man, that sounds like a bad bumper sticker: Gifts Happen.

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