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Sea Treasure

One of the biggest thrills as a kid at the beach was to find a whole and perfect shell, especially at the Gulf Coast where we’d usually find shell bits.    
(days 176 and 179, ttv52 weeks 24 and 25)
We never tired of looking for sea beans, hermit crabs, and jellyfish.   I brought the best of my little treasure home and put them in a cigar box in a drawer.
My brother and I had a system for castle building and my sister taught us how to make dribble castles one summer at Crystal Beach.
I’ve taught my own children how to make dribble castles and moats.  They know the rarest colors of sea glass and my favorites to hunt for.  Once, we had the Summer of Sea Beans, where we found too many to count.

Always at the end of the day you can find us laying on our bellies, propped up on elbows, in the shallow waves.  We let them crash on our backs while we talk.

I still might slip off to find some little treasure of my own.  Only now I usually capture it with a camera.

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