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The Art of Letting Go and Packing

(365 Day 149 Photo)

Okay, today I let go.

I gave up on sewing new curtains/chair cushions for the camper before we leave-no, ever. I don’t have time to hand sew it now and I don’t have time or patience to figure out my husband’s grandmother’s machine in a week. So, I brought them to a seamstress who could have them done before we leave.

I hate to love an idea, moon over the supplies, and not get to make it myself. Especially after selling my husband on the cheap, do-it-yourself-iness of it. The handmade thing is just more sentimental. But, I’ve got all the sentimental going on right now that I can handle, so I’ll just add applique to the curtains once we’re home.

I feel much better. A few years ago, I might would’ ve pulled some all nighters just because I was driven and young enough not to get tired. But, I know my limits better and can view giving up as an art, much harder to perfect, than slavishly following my original plans just to say I did.

There! Now I just have a bunch of camera stuff to do and the usual wash clothes and pack things and after 3 hurricane evacs in 5 years, I’ve got that down to an art.

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