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Easy Beach Knitting

My Morning Mist is now at the easy stage I call beach knitting.  I have tried it on several times and it really, truly, seems to fit, so I’m going to knit on.  There is no waist shaping to worry with, just rows and rows of stockinette linen.  If all works according to plan, I’ll include my fingering weight mods in my final post about it.

We made it to the beach one day last week as a sort of last hurrah before my daughter gets married.  The only photo I managed to get of her was when she and my son were having DS wars in the backseat and I promised I wouldn’t share on social media.  She looked decidedly too young for marriage in that one anyway.  Without photos of my kids to publish on my blog, I guess I’ll stick with strangers and knitting.

We spent most of our time flailing around in the water, so there is no photographic evidence of the fun we had talking and floating together.  It was unusually wavy for Galveston. You remember trying to swim the waves as a kid?  You get right in front of one breaking and then take off as it breaks and feel as though you’re sailing forward, only to stand and realize you only moved four feet?  Yeah, well we did a lot of that and trying to cup tiny fish in our hands.

There’s always that initial yuck I feel about threats of flesh-eating virus on the beach and fake photos on Facebook of sharks supposedly pulled out of Galveston waters a mile from the swimming area.  But we got over it, except for the occasional shriek when scratchy seaweed brushed past our legs in the murky water.

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