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Omemee Cable Toque

I had some bulkier yarn for this hat, but I really wanted to see this Tosh Vintage in Mockingjay worked in that exact cable stitch.  So, I tweaked the Omemee Cable Toque pattern, by Tara-Lynn Morrison, a little to make it happen.

Mockingjay is an ever-changing grey.   From full sun, to shade, to the waning light of evening, you can see the subtle shifts in the color, here, on my daughter and in progress shots.

I got two skeins in this color while at Veera and Joji Knit America, so they’re extra special.  There’s a reason this yarn color is in demand.  Look at it, people.

Being worsted weight, it doesn’t have the same amount of body, to stand up, as the sample.  But, honestly, I never wear hats that way.  If you do, though, just keep in mind that your Aran should definitely be on the heavier side.

To get my skein to work, I had to wing it, so don’t look for any brilliance in my modifications.

My mods: I cast on 18 extra stitches and knit the ribbing in size 5 needles, then increased 4 more stitches, after the ribbing, and switched to size 7 needles.  These 7’s were from my new Karbonz interchangeable midi set that I won in Holla Knits’ last knit along.  I think it’s love.

The important thing was to get the ribbing tight enough to fit my little head and the number of stitches necessary to fully do the cable pattern.

(more on ravelry, instagram, kollabora, and flickr)

If I had wanted my hat to be as tall as the sample, I could’ve done either an extra half or a full cable pattern repeat before decreasing.

I have a bulkier, solid Aran set aside for another one of these.  I could probably follow the directions more closely with that one, but I am toying with the idea of an unfolded, longer ribbed portion with less of the cabled bit.  We’ll see…

I have knit 6 of Tara-Lynn’s designs, which can be found as patterns or ready-made, in her shop, Good Night Day.  I think this design is one of my favorites- along with the Petawawa Cable Toque,  Belleville Shawl (in cotton), and my Markham Loop Collar.  I have to say that I am still in awe of how beautifully perfect that Markham Collar came out.  I’d never knit anything like it and it was so much fun to make.

So which of Tara-Lynn’s knits will be next on my needles?  There’s the Stratford Halter Crop Top, which I’d do in warm weather-friendly yarn, and the Kingston pullover.  I’d also like to try a two-tone, Jarvis Fisherman Toque, too.

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