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Great, Another Thing to Dismantle

(365 Day 140 Photo)

I really don’t know much about these tlr’s. I saw that the collars around the lenses were frozen up and as I researched how to clean them, and that’s when I realized how little I know about cameras in general.

…gears and rings and screws and calibration…

…and that’s when I realized how little I know about everything. It’s the curse of being a girl and having a dad who did all “that stuff” for little old me.

So, now I HAVE to do it.

But I’ve learned how to change a flat (I hope I remember everything), and how to smoke bees into submission as I rifle through their hive, and how to knock a man off of me and get him into an armbar (theoretically, anyway), so I can do this.

Besides I took apart my argus and nothing exploded.

Still I’m waiting til I get back from camping because, did I mention, I’m going to learn how to use a sewing machine and make new curtains for the camper. Argh!

Who said school was out?

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