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Markham Loop

I have a habit of making things I won’t get to wear very often.  Until I move northward, I’ll let this make the opportunity to use these items even more special.

This is the case with the Markham Collar from Tara Lynn-Morrison’s first Good Night, Day Knitting Booklet.  I’ve wanted to make this for about a year, but have had different projects come up and distract me.  Since I’ve recently finished quite a few things in fingering or sport weight yarn, I thought I deserved some bulky knitting as a treat.

These patterns are light on instruction, so playing with the cast on to get the right size is necessary.  I finally just cast on 49 stitches, using size 11s.  I did garter stitch for the first two rows to keep the collar from curling and made my loops a generous in size.    

I really like how it turned out.  Since these photos I’ve pulled the ribbon out to tack it onto one of my coats for this winter.  This is definitely a one movie knit.  It was just what I needed before moving on to Ravello and Sothern.

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  1. It is, Evelyn and would make a fantastic gift. It's definitely a statement piece. It really didnt take much yarn either.

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! I am so satisfied by this knit. It was a nice break from sport weight stockinette and is so incredibly soft. I struggled to get photos in the waning light that day, so I'm glad they turned out okay.

  3. Thank you, Tara. I thoroughly enjoyed making it. I've finally made time to sit down and do those GND patterns Ive been collecting. I've already made another collar and a Belleville since this post.

  4. Your collar turned out beautifully!
    I've just started making mine and I'm new to knitting so I was wondering if you could help me. I've used circulars as the instructions stated, but I'm confused as to how I'm going to bind off and have an open edge, as opposed to a more infinity-scarf type collar. Did you use circular needles, and if so, how did you bind off?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. I'm not quite sure what you mean, but for this collar I used my circular but knit back and forth on it like I would on straight needles. I never joined to work in the round. So after casting on, I turned the work and knit across those cast on stitches. Then, I turned and purled across as directed. The point of using a circular is because they are long enough to hold the collar and just easier to work with but I can remember wondering the same thing the first time I saw a design knit flat on a circular.
    I'm mamatronic on ravelry if you want to look me up and need any more help. You can even upload photos there etc. or my email is mamatronic[at] yahoo[dot com]. Hope this helps.

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