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Nature Concentrate

I really don’t mean for these posts on my vacation to drag out like some epic, because it wasn’t.  It was only two weeks, but these were the photographic highs of my summer so I may as well enjoy them.  Almost everything after the next two posts are sad little phone pics.  
So please bear with me as I throw lots of colorful photos (many were drive bys) at you without paying any attention to flow or subject matter.  But we saw such extremes- snow, mountains, giant forests, rivers, streams, meadows, the greenest rows of farmland, and pastures as we drove by.  There were ranches, orange groves, vineyards, desert, and then rocky ocean cliffs.
(Kaweah Lake, day 166)

 (17 Mile Drive)

 (Cypress Point Lookout on 17 mile Drive)
(The Lone Cypress- that sounds so cheesy)
 Big Sur– Burt Acker’s (?) resting place
I really got why Woody Guthrie wanted to lay his head on a bed of California stars. 
I understood why it was such a Promised Land to so many and why just an image of it or a description could lure a growing nation.  
It’s like a nature concentrate.  

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